Grab credits worth $300 for FREE on Google Cloud Platform!!

Are you still evaluating a cloud platform but can’t find the right one? Well, here comes Google Cloud Platform – a really well-established one & I must say this is the one startups should look forward to.

It ranges a suite of products right from Compute Engine to take care of your Virtual Machines requirement, to Cloud Storage and Cloud Datastore to cater to your Storage requirements. And how can we miss out the “Big Data” services that come as Google BigQuery. Not only these, it has a host of other services liked Cloud Endpoints, Translate API, Prediction API and also the Container Engine that now makes it easier for you to run Docker containers on the Google Cloud Platform.

Now that’s a power-packed platform, of course it’s from Google!!

But hey wait, want to try this out but worried about the cost involved? Hang on; it all comes along with a free credit of $300!!!

Yes that’s $300 in credit that you can spend over 60 days and it’s available to anyone if you have a valid e-mail address, physical address and a credit card. (Honestly speaking, you will be billed $1, but that’s just to verify that you are an actual person who will be using the free trial). But do not worry, you will not be billed after the specified period & your trial account will be suspended and you get the option to go for a paid upgrade.

There are some limitations in the free trial, but don’t hold back there’s a lot more to explore even with the limitations on.

So login to your Google Account and just follow the steps for the free trial worth $300 at

For more info about the Free Trial on Google Cloud Platform visit:


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