Load data into Google Cloud Storage

Alright, so all you folks still thinking of trying out the Google Cloud Platform but are still wondering how to get started, go ahead and grab the $300 worth of free credits as a trial.

In this section, we will talk extensively about the Google BigQuery offerings and a complete hands-on guide to the same.

But to get started with BigQuery we should first be loading data into the cloud platform. How is that to be done? For that you can use the Google Cloud Storage to  store your external files that will eventually be used by Google BigQuery.

To know more about Google Cloud storage click here.

Follow the given steps to load data into Google Cloud Storage –

  1. Login to your Cloud Platform account – https://cloud.google.com/
  2. Goto the developer console page.
  3. Create a project if not already done. If already created, click on the link for Project Name. In this example my project name is BigQuery_01. You will see a page like below –Project View
  4. Now click on Create Bucket, this will take you to the Google Cloud Storage page.
  5. Click on Add Bucket and enter the name of the Bucket that you would like to have. You may assume the bucket to be like a folder where you will store all your files.
  6. Enter a bucket name, here bq_cloudy and click on Create button. Do note, that the bucket name should be unique across all projects in Cloud Storage.bucket_view
  7.  Now click on the Upload files button, select the file(s) to upload and you are done.

You just learnt how to create a bucket and load data into the Google Cloud Storage.

In the upcoming posts, we will see how to use these files in Google BigQuery.


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